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About Creative Training Solutions: Experts in Exhibit Staff Training and Sales Training
Keith Reznick
Keith Reznick
Nancy Isaacs
Nancy Isaacs

Founded by Keith Reznick and Nancy Isaacs in 1989, Creative Training Solutions develops and delivers workshops and best practices programs for marketing, sales and sales support personnel and has conducted more than 2,000 programs and trained more than 40,000 people how to:

  • Be more effective communicators; and
  • Build better business relationships – at all levels of the customer organization or chain of command – both on and off the show floor.

CTS workshops, designed to be respectful of participants’ knowledge and experience and customized to be as client specific and relevant as possible, measurably improve results. We create an interactive learning environment and teach practical sales communication skills and strategies that enable participants to build on their existing strengths while developing new skills and capabilities.

Our curriculum includes: 1) live exhibitor education (delivered in person or via the Web); 2) self-paced, Web-based exhibitor education available 24/7 (click here for more information); and 3) a variety of training programs for professional sales representatives. We also provide coaching and mystery shopper services.

We work closely with our clients to develop insight into their specific goals and needs, challenges and opportunities and the role we can play to help them succeed. Our goal is to be a trusted and knowledgeable resource to our clients and strategic partners, as it is only through their long-term success that we can continue to learn, grow and be successful.

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