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Creative Training Solutions Client Testimonials
Keith Reznick giving an exhibit staff training workshop
Here are some of the comments we have received from our clients.

"You won over a highly-seasoned and somewhat cynical sales team. Not only did they stay tuned for your entire training session, they appreciated the in-booth coaching and even thanked us for bringing you in. In addition, while I have never seen our two co-founders and VP of sales stay for more than the introduction of a training program, you kept them in place — and smiling — for the duration."

"The information you delivered was exactly what we needed. Our team came away much better equipped to engage our clients in the trade show environment thanks to your informative and entertaining seminar. Veteran salespeople and new distributors alike were in rapt attention. I could watch the positive response of the entire group as you gave them one morsel of useable information after another. And that's what they came for — information and techniques that they could put to immediate use."

"Sales and Marketing folks both thought your program was outstanding and we know those two groups never agree on anything! Your knowledge of our goals and objectives for the meeting along with the exhibit activities made for a very customized presentation. I believe the program will have a positive influence in the field as well."

"In the rough and tumble world of tradeshow exhibition, it is rare that any one component of an event stands out as being of primary importance for its success. However, [Keith Reznick] and Creative Training played just such a role in our appearance at this year's event. You set the exactly the right tone and mood for the group, and the enthusiasm and knowledge you imparted gave everyone the confidence to put their best feet forward! ... And the fact that you were able to train a group of senior partners in our firm (who, I need not add, can generally not be 'taught' anything) is awesome."

"I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Rusty Coleman. He did an excellent job at our exhibit staff training meeting. I have enclosed the reviews — the participants rave about the job he did and the value of the training. Rusty really connected with our staff. His stories were great. His enthusiasm was contagious."

"Everyone in our group was impressed and excited by Diane [Elrod]'s approach and the information she provided us. Besides presenting useful information she kept us interested in the topic and made everyone feel involved."

"The evaluations were great! You received 8's, 9's and 10s across the board and everyone said YES they would recommend the class to someone else."

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