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Getting Started with Trade Show and Sales Training

If you’d like to talk about your goals and needs, please let us know. We’ve helped hundreds of your counterparts, at both large and small companies, sort through and prioritize their exhibit staffing / sales challenges and identify cost-effective solutions to ensure their exhibit staff and sales representatives have the right skills, knowledge and motivation to represent your company to its best advantage both on and off the show floor.

Develop Insight Into Your Goals and Needs

If you’re a trade show and event manager we’ll start by discussing what you, your team, your internal customers and organization hope to achieve through face-to-face marketing at industry trade shows and customer events. If you’re in sales management we’ll start by discussing, among other things, your short- and long-term sales goals, the competitive playing field, marketplace trends as well what’s working and what’s not for your sales team.

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Our goal is to identify any gaps that exist between your exhibit staffs’ or sales representatives’ current level of skills and knowledge and the levels required to accomplish your specific marketing and sales goals.

Identify Options

Creative Training Solutions provides our clients with a wide variety of training options including:

  • A customized workshop can be delivered by a Creative Training Solutions trainer via the Web or in person at a regional or national sales meeting, in the weeks prior to a show or at show site.
  • The Trade Show Advantage™ Pre-Event Staff Orientation is a fifteen minute, on-line program that makes pre-show staff orientation painless for event managers who simply email their exhibit/event staff a link – the program does everything else.
  • The Trade Show Advantage™ Pre-Show Meeting Kit has everything needed to prepare and facilitate an engaging and interactive pre-show meeting.

Customize Workshop and Produce Materials

We customize each program’s content, exercises and participant materials to be as client specific and relevant as possible. Some of our customers play a very active role during the customization process while others simply rely on our expertise to develop and deliver training that meets their specific needs.

Workshop Day

Your CTS trainer will conduct one of the most engaging, productive, and useful programs your exhibit staff or sales representatives have experienced (and you'll know this was due in large part to your preparatory work).


At the end of each workshop, participants complete an Evaluation Form designed to provide you with immediate feedback on what worked and why, what could be improved, and where we go from here. Our goal is to build with you, as we do with so many of our clients, a mutually beneficial business relationship that recognizes your evolving personnel and their need for ongoing skills development.

If you’d like to tell us a little about your situation or learn more, please contact Creative Training Solutions.

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