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Why Train Trade Show Staff?
Why Invest in Training? Training Your Exhibit Staff Will Pay for Itself Many Times Over!

Even though most exhibit workers have never been trained to represent your company at a show, convention or event and many are uncomfortable with: 1) engaging and greeting attendees; 2) probing to identify / qualify sales opportunities; 3) capturing attendee information (generating quality leads); and 4) answering questions about your company and your competitors (i.e. “Why would we select your company compared to any other company exhibiting at this show?”) the role your exhibit staff plays in your company’s success at a show or event is huge — 85% of an exhibitor’s success lies in the performance of the staff.

On the show floor people are the most influential factor in buyers’ perceptions of a supplier, followed by the company, and finally its products and services. Without practical skills training, most booth workers mean well but don’t know how to represent your company to its best advantage.

Exhibit staff training is often one of the first things cut from an event budget. After all, it’s easy to cut and not too many people will complain. Although harder to quantify, consider the cost of leads were never captured, cross-selling opportunities that were not created and the long-term impact of attendees’ negative brand experiences.

Exhibit staff training will measurably improve your results. Some of our clients have used “mystery shoppers” to evaluate their booth staffs’ performance. Booth workers we’ve trained scored an average of 25% to 35% better than their associates who did not take our training. Multiply this improvement by the number of prospects and customers who visit your booth, and you can begin quantify the impact of exhibit staff training on your results.


Live and Web-Based Training Programs Make Exhibit Staff More Effective, Relieve Pressure on Event Managers

Creative Training Solutions and Constellation Communication Corp. announce new web-based and live training programs that motivate exhibit/event staff to maximize every show floor interaction. Programs are very cost-effective and easy to use. Click here to learn more about our web-based and live trade show training programs.

Need help "selling it internally"?
Take a look at some of the articles and worksheets we’ve written, which justify — and help you justify to your management and internal customers — an investment in exhibit staff training.
What Attendees Want
Find out what attendees have to say about the impact booth workers have on their perceptions and buying behavior. Do your booth workers have the skills to meet or exceed expectations?

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