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Trade Show and Sales Training Workshops

For Exhibit and Event Staff
85% of an exhibitor’s success is determined by the people staffing the exhibit. Unfortunately, most exhibits are staffed with well-meaning people who are experts in their area of specialization — but often lack the experience and training required to engage attendees and consistently conduct conversations of mutual interest and value. Your staff has more influence over your prospects’ perceptions and decisions than either your products or your company’s reputation! Our workshops for trade show staff are designed to:

  • Respect participants’ knowledge and experience;
  • Be highly interactive — we create an environment that facilitates open dialogue and discussions of best practices; and
  • Enhance participants’ skills and ability to communicate more confidently and effectively with booth visitors.

Participation will measurably improve your booth workers’ attitude, skills, and confidence, as well as the return on your investment. Workshops for exhibit and event show staff are:

For Sales Professionals
Designed for professional salespeople, our sales training curriculum focuses on continuously improving sales communication skills and business relationships. Sales training courses include:

For Exhibit/Event Staff
Trade Show Advantage
Medical Meeting Success
For Sales Professionals
The Selling Advantage
Present with Confidence
Strategic Negotiations
Developing Strategic Business Relationships
Strategic Account Management

Trade Show Training

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