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Medical Meeting Success teaches the skills necessary to conduct successful conversations at medical events. Students will learn to:
  • Identify attendee's goals, problems, and needs
  • Present relevant information at the right technical level
  • Qualify each sales opportunity
  • Advance the buying and selling process
  • Ensure that every person has a positive experience

The course is highly interactive, and in addition to instructor presentations, relies heavily on discussions, exercises, and role plays, which help participants reinforce their strengths and learn new skills. Students use the workbook to think through what they would say or do in various situations, and by working in groups, they learn from other students as well as from the instructor. Participation in this workshop will improve booth workers' attitudes, confidence, and results.

This course is designed to be very flexible to meet your specific needs and time constraints. It can be given in as little as one hour or as a full-day workshop. The workshop can be delivered prior to an event at your site, or just before the event at the medical meeting venue.

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