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Course Reviews

Course Reviews

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At the end of each workshop, students fill out evaluation forms. Here are some of the things students have said about Medical Meeting Success.

What I liked most about the workshop was:

  • "Group involvement and walking through scenarios. It was also specific to DuPont."
  • "Gentle reminders of appropriate selling skills at conventions."
  • "The Do's & Don'ts and the speaker's enthusiasm."
  • "Speaker's enthusiasm, humor and knowledge of the subject."
  • "Fast pace, clear messages."
  • "Role-play and group interaction."
  • "Information I can use."

What I will do differently as a result of the workshop:
    Booth conversation
  • "More focus on goals and needs of convention attendees vs. just launching into presentation."
  • "Improve quality of convention interactions."
  • "Spending more time listening & asking open-ended questions."
  • "Work on a more consultative sales approach and use open-ended questions to qualify better."
  • "Be aware of environment around us both in and out of show."
  • "Be a better listener! Don't give up."
  • "I will use probes better, pull troublesome people away from booth, use open-ended questions."
  • "Think more about how to better direct attendees within booth."
  • "Ask prospect about needs."

Other comments:
  • "Good overview of medical convention basics."
  • "Good prep for convention, great tips and examples, very engaging!"
  • "I hadn't thought about many of the important points presented. They aren't as obvious as they seem."
  • "I was very impressed with how many real life examples were a part of the presentation. They really drove home the points."
  • "Great - we should do more of this."

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