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The Trade Show Advantage™

Participation in The Trade Show Advantage™ workshop will measurably improve your exhibit workers’ attitude, skills and results. They’ll be more comfortable and effective when interacting with your customers and prospects in the unique trade show or event environment.

The workshop, already attended by more than 40,000 people, was designed to help participants build upon their experience and learn (or fine tune) proven methodologies to engage attendees and consistently conduct conversations that are of mutual interest and value.

Measurably Improve Results

Several of our clients have hired ‘mystery shoppers’ to measure and evaluate their exhibit workers’ performance. Exhibit workers we’ve trained scored an average of 25 to 35 points higher (on a 100 point scale) than their co-workers (at the same show or event) who were not trained.

Options for The Trade Show Advantage™ Workshop

Creative Training Solutions provides our clients with a wide variety of training options including:

  • A Creative Training Solutions’ trainer can deliver a customized live workshop:
    • Via the Web in the weeks prior to a show or event
    • In person at a regional or national sales meeting, in the weeks prior to a show or at show site.
  • Self Paced and Web-Based
    • We’ve made it very easy for event managers to train their exhibit/event staff with The Trade Show Advantage™ Pre-Event Staff Orientation – a fifteen minute, on-line pre-show orientation. Simply email your exhibit/event staff a link – the program does everything else.
  • Pre-Show Meeting Kit
    • Minimize the time you typically need to allocate to plan an effective pre-show meeting – The Trade Show Advantage™ Pre-Show Meeting Kit has everything you need to prepare and facilitate an engaging and interactive pre-show meeting.

    The Trade Show Advantage™ Content

    Trade Show Environment
    Trade Show Interactions
    • Exhibit Worker Roles and Responsibilities
    • You ARE Your Company
    • Influencing Marketplace Perceptions and Buying Behavior
    • Key Messages and Branding
    • Show Etiquette (Do’s and Don’ts)
    • Engaging and Disengaging
    • Identifying Needs and Qualifying
    • Presenting and Demonstrating
    • Advancing the Buying Process
    • Generating Quality Leads
    • Setting the Stage for Follow-Up

    Participation in The Trade Show Advantage® workshop will increase the probability that every visitor to your exhibit will have a positive brand experience and will be more likely to recommend or select your company when they make their next purchase decision.

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