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Course Reviews

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At the end of each workshop, students fill out evaluation forms. Here are some of the things students have said about The Trade Show Advantage.

What I liked most about the workshop was:

    Keith Reznick, Trade Show Training Expert
  • "The facilitator - great sense of humor, great analogies."
  • "All of it. I liked the interaction and 'real world' scenarios. Keith is wonderful as a facilitator."
  • "The clear concise manner in which it was presented, peppered with Keith's humor and real life examples."
  • "Suggestions and the examples on how to handle some difficult situations."
  • "Learned more about the customer's point of view."
  • "Helped me understand the importance of the business aspect of the show & how it relates to investment vs. return."
  • "The speaker's knowledge and obvious preparedness."
  • "Step-by-step breakdown of interaction process."
  • "Solid info, fast pace, tailored to our company."
  • "Workbook - very well organized."
  • "Great information, perfect examples to use during presentation"

What I will do differently as a result of the workshop:
    Booth worker listening carefully to visitor
  • "Ask more open-ended questions and listen more."
  • "Be more attentive to addressing the customer's needs by probing more and remembering to close for the lead."
  • "Push literature less, do better qualifying."
  • "Talk less with co-workers."
  • "Create a positive first impression and ask open-ended questions."
  • "Listen more to prospects, do more probing, tone down aggressive behavior."
  • "Not ask 'May I help you?'"
  • "Be more determined to get info from prospect vs. only giving info out."
  • "Remember to acknowledge/pause and probe when faced with customer resistance."
  • "Ask questions, let client talk."

Other comments:
  • "Outstanding. I have been to many booth in-services at different companies and this is the best."
  • "Really enjoyed this great info. I wish everyone could attend at some point."
  • "I don't usually give all 10's, but this was great!"
  • "Very valuable. I wish I had required all my staff to sit in."
  • "Much better off because of it. Definitely worth the time."
  • "Many people have forgotten the basics and it was great to go over them, and learn some new skills as well."
  • "Taught us to think from the customer's perspective."
  • "Excellent speaker, kept our attention at all times."

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